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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tolec, Julien Wells, Raymond Kosulandich, Sherry Wilde

Tolec, Julien Wells, Raymond Kosulandich, Sherry Wilde

"Discuss a wide variety of topics including healing of emotional self, some baselines for "spiritual" awareness, how contact happened with their ET & higher dimensional sources, as well as some additional current issues being discovered [ie. dwarf 'planet' Ceres] in space at this moment in our planet's history."


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Joel Salatin in Idaho: Feeding 9 Billion People

Joel Salatin in Idaho: Feeding 9 Billion People 

This video was recorded on Nov. 18th 2014 at the Sustainable Agriculture Symposium sponsored by the Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture. This is segment 1 of 3 of a lecture by Joel Salatin.

Videos Published on Nov 22, 2014 via Transcend Productions

10 Big Concepts for Agriculture

segment 2 of 3 of a lecture by Joel Salatin

10 Threads to Farming Success  

segment 3 of 3 of a lecture by Joel Salatin

Gnosis,The Elder Brothers Warning

Kogi - The Elder Brothers Warning

"The Kogi are an indigenous people living in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains of northern Colombia, in South America.

They are the only civilisation to have survived the Spanish conquests and to have kept their individuality. They are perhaps the only indigenous people in the world who, because of the particular nature of their surroundings, have been able to keep themselves apart and sustain their culture inviolate. And not only that.

The one anthropologist who managed to study them in the 1940′s and 50′s concluded that though they are similar in some ways to the other Indian peoples around the Caribbean, northern Central America and south to the Andes, there are such profound differences that "in the end the Kogi stand alone".

They have survived to this day, keeping their traditions and relying upon, and looking after, the mountain environment. They believe it is their duty to look after the mountain which they call "The Heart of the World". They call themselves the Elder Brother and refer to the new- comers as the Younger Brother, who they believe is destroying the balance of the world.

In 1990 the Kogi decided they must speak out to the rest of the world. They had survived by keeping themselves isolated but they decided that it was time to send a message to the Younger Brother. They could see that something was wrong with their mountain, with the heart of the world. The snows had stopped falling and the rivers were not so full. If their mountain was ill then the whole world was in trouble.

Video Published on May 6, 2013 via Raphael Panameno

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gabe Brown: Keys To Building a Healthy Soil

Gabe Brown: Keys To Building a Healthy Soil

 This video features Gabe Brown and his Keys To Building a Healthy Soil, filmed on Nov. 18th 2014 at the Idaho Center for Sustainable Agriculture's annual symposium.

Video Published on Dec 8, 2014 via Transcend Productions

Farsight Planet 2014: Great Pyramid of Giza

Farsight Planet 2014: Great Pyramid of Giza

This video describes the impact of the new project just completed by The
Farsight Institute, The Great Pyramid of Giza. It also helps resolve the
issue of whether or not remote viewing is a real phenomenon. What you
learned in school was wrong, and now you can see what is real with your
own eyes.


Video Published on Mar 14, 2014 via FarsightPress

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hidden Syria

Hidden Syria

Published on Jan 11, 2015 via eyeopen

Bloom Box: The Alternative Energy that Terrifies Obama

Bloom Box: The Alternative Energy that Terrifies Obama

Video Uploaded on Mar 10, 2011

Bloom Box Energy Secret Revealed! [HD]

Video Uploaded on Feb 26, 2010

IPAD Rival http://www.wetab3g.net ----
More info: http://bloom-box-energy.blogspot.com
Basic formula ; {GAS (Natural)+AIR = ELECTRICITY}, Very low heat generated y low emission. So it is completely green and clean energy. Its fuel cell is made from sand beach. LOL. Soon Bloom Box Enery will serve for you house.

How the Stock Market Works: Investing in American Business Explained - I...

How the Stock Market Works: Investing in American Business Explained - Investment Accounts (1952)  

 "The stock of a corporation is partitioned into shares, the total of which are stated at the time of business formation. Additional shares may subsequently be authorized by the existing shareholders and issued by the company. In some jurisdictions, each share of stock has a certain declared par value, which is a nominal accounting value used to represent the equity on the balance sheet of the corporation. In other jurisdictions, however, shares of stock may be issued without associated par value.
Shares represent a fraction of ownership in a business. A business may declare different types (classes) of shares, each having distinctive ownership rules, privileges, or share values. Ownership of shares may be documented by issuance of a stock certificate. A stock certificate is a legal document that specifies the amount of shares owned by the shareholder, and other specifics of the shares, such as the par value, if any, or the class of the shares.
In the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, and Australia, stock can also refer to completely different financial instruments such as government bonds or, less commonly, to all kinds of marketable securities." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stock
 Video Published on Apr 22, 2014 via The Film Archives

Monday, January 12, 2015

Ancient "H" Blocks of Puma Punku SOLVED Finally!

Ancient "H" Blocks of Puma Punku SOLVED Finally! Aligns To 88 Degrees & H's are 8's!!!!

"Billions in Archaeological education and nobody figured this out yet!?? Tiahuanaco, Pumapunku"

Published on Jan 11, 2015 via Enterthe5t4rz

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Crossing Point of Light A Workshop with Dr Steven Greer - FULL

The Crossing Point of Light A Workshop with Dr Steven Greer - FULL

A lecture by Dr. Steven Greer discussing the new physics of interstellar
travel and communication, how it relates to thought and consciousness,
and much more.


Video Published on Jan 1, 2015 Via  Deano Woody

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

‘Magicians of the Gods’, snapshots of a work in progress

‘Magicians of the Gods’, snapshots of a work in progress

In 2016 Graham Hancock will bring out his new book, ‘Magicians of the Gods’, the sequel to his worldwide bestseller ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’. In this lecture, recorded in March 2014 for Alternatives London at Saint James’s Church in Piccadilly, he reviews his past work and shares some of the research for the new book.

Published on Jan 6, 2015 via GrahamHancockDotCom


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Native american Holocaust Exterminate Them! The California Story FULL

Native american Holocaust Exterminate Them! The California Story (FULL)

Floyd Red Crow Westerman presents,
Exterminate Them! The California Story
A documentary detailing the holocaust committed against the native people of California by the State and Federal Government.

video Uploaded on Nov 5, 2011 Via om swastik

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Erich von Däniken - UFO's & Alien Gods [2014]

Erich von Däniken - UFO's & Alien Gods [2014] 

JOSHUA TREE 8-11 AUG. 2014. Conference

Video Published on Jan 3, 2015 via ZeroSixtyFive

  privacy-enhanced mode:

The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order Agenda 21

The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order  Agenda 21

The NWO commandments:rense.com/general16/georgi...

We are constantly inundated with poisons forced on us through GMO foods, pharmaceuticals, fluoridated water supply, microwave radiation, and chemtrails.

The ignorant will buy into the whole global warming/population control agenda because they have been force fed this garbage their whole lives and are no longer capable of critical thinking.

For those that think the world is over populated due to food and energy shortages, you need to understand that the multi-national corporations create these shortages by forcing farmers not to grow, limiting development of new technologies etc., all to manipulate prices for their own gain.

God never advocated population control but Satan does.

The U.S Military Will Use Weather as a Weapon on AMERICAN Citizens ...

What does a Former FBI Special Agent and Chief have to say about ChemTrails? You will be Surprised!

Extensive List of Patents

Paradise or Oblivion

Paradise or Oblivion


video presentation advocates a new socio-economic system, which is
updated to present-day knowledge, featuring the life-long work of Social
Engineer, Futurist, Inventor and Industrial Designer Jacque Fresco,
which he calls a Resource-Based Economy. This documentary details the
root causes of the systemic value disorders and detrimental symptoms
caused by our current established system. The film details the need to
outgrow the dated and inefficient methods of politics, law, business, or
any other "establishment" notions of human affairs, and use the methods
of science, combined with high technology, to provide for the needs of
all the world's people. It is not based on the opinions of the political
and financial elite or on illusionary so-called democracies, but on
maintaining a dynamic equilibrium with the planet that could ultimately
provide abundance for all people.

Paradise or Oblivion, by The
Venus Project, introduces the viewer to a more appropriate value system
that would be required to enable this caring and holistic approach to
benefit human civilization. This alternative surpasses the need for a
monetary-based, controlled, and scarcity-oriented environment, which we
find ourselves in today. 

This is NOT the "major motion picture"
that The Venus Project is working towards but rather is a short
documentary to introduce the aims and proposals to new people.

This is a free online documentary created by The Venus Project. Original music by Carly Paradis (http://www.carlyparadis.com/) from her album "They Have Been Watching".


If you would like to help with the creation of a translation for this
and/or other TVP videos, please write to

Thursday, January 1, 2015

DEF CON 22 - Major Malfunction - Old Skewl Hacking - Porn Free!

Old Skewl Hacking: Porn Free!

Major Malfunction

Having cut his teeth (and scarred his mind) on hotel Infra-Red controlled TV
systems, spent ten years scanning the skies for 'interesting' satellite
feeds, in this, the 3rd in his series of 'Old Skewl Hacking' talks,
Major Malfunction once again, and with great personal sacrifice, goes
down on^winto the depths of late-night terrestrial broadcast television
to determine how secure 'Pay Per View' / 'Pay Per Night' systems are,
and if Debbie really did 'do' Dallas (she did). With a total disgregard
for his own sanity and/or eyesight, he takes one for the team and forces
himself through not just one, not just two, but possibly even three
whole months^wnights^whours of terrible Cockney porn to uncover their
darkest secrets (for those wishing to spare themselves from exposure to
potentially harmful images from this talk, here's the executive summary:
don't spend the £5, they cut out all the pink^wgood bits. There's
better stuff for free on that there Internets).

Parental Advisory: Viewer discretion advised: Nudity, sex (moderate? nasty? who can say?), swearing, bad taste.

Defcon Kids Advisory: See Above! Get your Mom^wDad to bring you to this one!
There will be a live demo. There will be BOOBIES! Anti-Sexism Advisory:
Please don't Red Card me! I'm not trying to be a douchebag, but that's
what they transmit: BOOBIES!

Health and Safety Advisory: Just say no. Stay away. Really.

Terms & conditions apply. You may be charged for entry. "Porn Free" or
"Major Malfunction" will never appear on your bill. Always wipe clean
after use.

Major Malfunction is a mystery wrapped in an enigma,
wrapped in an old beach towel. He lives in a carefully constructed
fantasy world of nuclear bunkers, clandestine meetings with taxi drivers
at airports, satellite feeds and prohibited weapons.
This is what his neighbours have to say about him:
"He was always such a polite young man. He never caused any trouble, and
kept himself to himself. They say it's always the quiet ones, don't
they? Who knew? Who knew?"
"Somebody actually lives there???"
"Mr. Snuggles has never been quite the same..."


Twitter: @rfidiot

Facebook: adam.laurie.73


Published on Dec 31, 2014 via DEFCONConference

DEF CON 22 - Maggie Jauregui - Girl… Fault-Interrupted.

DEF CON 22 - Maggie Jauregui - Girl… Fault-Interrupted. 

Slides Here: https://defcon.org/images/defcon-22/d...

Girl… Fault-Interrupted.


GFCI's (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupts) are a practically unnoticeable part of our daily lives, except maybe for when you have to fumble around with the Reset button on your hair dryer to get it to work, of course.

I discovered a way to completely melt (magic smoke demo included!) the GFCI mechanism for several off-the-shelf electro domestics wirelessly using specific RF frequencies. Similarly, I'm able to trip other GFCI's (the type built-in to several apartment/home walls) creating a DoS on running electro domestics.

Electro domestics might not be the worst this vulnerability has to offer, since GFCI's are used on many different types of electronics.

I plan on building a directional antenna to hopefully perform remote electro domestic DoS. I will list all vulnerable patents, my discovered vulnerable products, all applicable frequencies, and all affected switch types (such as AFCI's). I also commit to do responsible disclosure of any sensitive electrical attacks, such as RF interference for equipment upon which people's lives or livelihoods may depend.

Maggie Jauregui (@MagsJauregui) owns end-to-end Security Validation for the Wireless Product R&D group at Intel Corporation. She has around 3 years of security validation experience, specifically doing fuzzing, secure code review, and ad hoc penetration testing. At her previous job, Maggie owned DirectX Security Validation for the Graphics Driver Team at Intel Mexico after an internship in the 3D team doing Graphics Driver Sanity validation for the same group. Maggie studied her Bachelor in Computer Science at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara (2005-2010). Maggie's interests also include genetics, singing (lead female vocal of Agavers rock band), and modern/classic dancing.

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/maggie-ja...

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/magsjauregui

DEF CON 22 - Panel - Ask the EFF - The Year in Digital Civil Liberties

DEF CON 22 - Panel - Ask the EFF - The Year in Digital Civil Liberties

Panel: Ask the EFF: The Year in Digital Civil Liberties
Kurt Opsahl Deputy General Counsel, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Nate Cardozo EFF Staff Attorney
Mark Jaycox EFF Legislative Analyst
Yan Zhu EFF Staff Technologist
Eva Galperin EFF Global Policy Analyst

KURT OPSAHL is the Deputy General Counsel of the Electronic Frontier
Foundation focusing on civil liberties, free speech and privacy law.
Opsahl has counseled numerous computer security researchers on their
rights to conduct and discuss research. Before joining EFF, Opsahl
worked at Perkins Coie, where he represented technology clients with
respect to intellectual property, privacy, defamation, and other online
liability matters, including working on Kelly v. Arribasoft, MGM v.
Grokster and CoStar v. LoopNet. Prior to Perkins, Opsahl was a research
fellow to Professor Pamela Samuelson at the U.C. Berkeley School of
Information Management & Systems. Opsahl received his law degree
from Boalt Hall, and undergraduate degree from U.C. Santa Cruz. Opsahl
co-authored "Electronic Media and Privacy Law Handbook.” In 2007, Opsahl
was named as one of the “Attorneys of the Year” by California Lawyer
magazine for his work on the O'Grady v. Superior Court appeal, which
established the reporter’s privilege for online journalists. In addition
to his work at EFF, Opsahl is a member of the USENIX Board of

NATE CARDOZO is a Staff Attorney on the Electronic
Frontier Foundation’s digital civil liberties team. In addition to his
focus on free speech and privacy litigation, Nate works on EFF's Who Has
Your Back? report and Coders' Rights Project. Nate has projects
involving automotive privacy, government transparency, hardware hacking
rights, anonymous speech, electronic privacy law reform, Freedom of
Information Act litigation, and resisting the expansion of the
surveillance state. A 2009-2010 EFF Open Government Legal Fellow, Nate
spent two years in private practice before returning to his senses and
to EFF in 2012. Nate has a B.A. in Anthropology and Politics from U.C.
Santa Cruz and a J.D. from U.C. Hastings where he has taught first-year
legal writing and moot court.

EVA GALPERIN is EFFs Global Policy
Analyst, and has been instrumental in highlighting government malware
designed to spy upon activists around the world. A lifelong geek, Eva
misspent her youth working as a Systems Administrator all over Silicon
Valley. Since then, she has seen the error of her ways and earned
degrees in Political Science and International Relations from SFSU. She
comes to EFF from the US-China Policy Institute, where she researched
Chinese energy policy, helped to organize conferences, and attempted to
make use of her rudimentary Mandarin skills.

MARK JAYCOX is a Legislative Analyst for EFF. His issues include user privacy, civil
liberties, surveillance law, and "cybersecurity." When not reading legal
or legislative documents, Mark can be found reading non-legal and
legislative documents, exploring the Bay Area, and riding his bike. He
was educated at Reed College, spent a year abroad at the University of
Oxford (Wadham College), and concentrated in Political History. The
intersection of his concentration with advancing technologies and the
law was prevalent throughout his education, and Mark's excited to apply
these passions to EFF. Previous to joining EFF, Mark was a Contributor
to ArsTechnica, and a Legislative Research Assistant for LexisNexis.

YAN ZHU is a Staff Technologist with EFF. Yan writes code and words to
enable pervasive encryption and protect Internet users' privacy. Besides
maintainingHTTPS Everywhere at EFF, she is a core developer
ofSecureDrop and founder of the Worldwide Aaron Swartz Memorial
Hackathon Series. In her spare time, Yan writes about the intersection
of computer security and humansand tries to find interesting ways to
break web applications. She holds a B.S. in Physics from MIT and was a
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow at Stanford.

Twitter: @eff

Twitter: @kurtopsahl 

Published on Dec 31, 2014 via DEFCONConference