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Thursday, January 1, 2015

DEF CON 22 - Panel - Ask the EFF - The Year in Digital Civil Liberties

DEF CON 22 - Panel - Ask the EFF - The Year in Digital Civil Liberties

Panel: Ask the EFF: The Year in Digital Civil Liberties
Kurt Opsahl Deputy General Counsel, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Nate Cardozo EFF Staff Attorney
Mark Jaycox EFF Legislative Analyst
Yan Zhu EFF Staff Technologist
Eva Galperin EFF Global Policy Analyst

KURT OPSAHL is the Deputy General Counsel of the Electronic Frontier
Foundation focusing on civil liberties, free speech and privacy law.
Opsahl has counseled numerous computer security researchers on their
rights to conduct and discuss research. Before joining EFF, Opsahl
worked at Perkins Coie, where he represented technology clients with
respect to intellectual property, privacy, defamation, and other online
liability matters, including working on Kelly v. Arribasoft, MGM v.
Grokster and CoStar v. LoopNet. Prior to Perkins, Opsahl was a research
fellow to Professor Pamela Samuelson at the U.C. Berkeley School of
Information Management & Systems. Opsahl received his law degree
from Boalt Hall, and undergraduate degree from U.C. Santa Cruz. Opsahl
co-authored "Electronic Media and Privacy Law Handbook.” In 2007, Opsahl
was named as one of the “Attorneys of the Year” by California Lawyer
magazine for his work on the O'Grady v. Superior Court appeal, which
established the reporter’s privilege for online journalists. In addition
to his work at EFF, Opsahl is a member of the USENIX Board of

NATE CARDOZO is a Staff Attorney on the Electronic
Frontier Foundation’s digital civil liberties team. In addition to his
focus on free speech and privacy litigation, Nate works on EFF's Who Has
Your Back? report and Coders' Rights Project. Nate has projects
involving automotive privacy, government transparency, hardware hacking
rights, anonymous speech, electronic privacy law reform, Freedom of
Information Act litigation, and resisting the expansion of the
surveillance state. A 2009-2010 EFF Open Government Legal Fellow, Nate
spent two years in private practice before returning to his senses and
to EFF in 2012. Nate has a B.A. in Anthropology and Politics from U.C.
Santa Cruz and a J.D. from U.C. Hastings where he has taught first-year
legal writing and moot court.

EVA GALPERIN is EFFs Global Policy
Analyst, and has been instrumental in highlighting government malware
designed to spy upon activists around the world. A lifelong geek, Eva
misspent her youth working as a Systems Administrator all over Silicon
Valley. Since then, she has seen the error of her ways and earned
degrees in Political Science and International Relations from SFSU. She
comes to EFF from the US-China Policy Institute, where she researched
Chinese energy policy, helped to organize conferences, and attempted to
make use of her rudimentary Mandarin skills.

MARK JAYCOX is a Legislative Analyst for EFF. His issues include user privacy, civil
liberties, surveillance law, and "cybersecurity." When not reading legal
or legislative documents, Mark can be found reading non-legal and
legislative documents, exploring the Bay Area, and riding his bike. He
was educated at Reed College, spent a year abroad at the University of
Oxford (Wadham College), and concentrated in Political History. The
intersection of his concentration with advancing technologies and the
law was prevalent throughout his education, and Mark's excited to apply
these passions to EFF. Previous to joining EFF, Mark was a Contributor
to ArsTechnica, and a Legislative Research Assistant for LexisNexis.

YAN ZHU is a Staff Technologist with EFF. Yan writes code and words to
enable pervasive encryption and protect Internet users' privacy. Besides
maintainingHTTPS Everywhere at EFF, she is a core developer
ofSecureDrop and founder of the Worldwide Aaron Swartz Memorial
Hackathon Series. In her spare time, Yan writes about the intersection
of computer security and humansand tries to find interesting ways to
break web applications. She holds a B.S. in Physics from MIT and was a
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow at Stanford.

Twitter: @eff

Twitter: @kurtopsahl 

Published on Dec 31, 2014 via DEFCONConference