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Saturday, November 29, 2014



Published on Nov 28, 2014

We are now releasing our new album REBEL GENE!
Go to this link to LISTEN and PURCHASE:


Music produced by Neil Anthony Sanford and Kerry Lynn Cassidy

Lyrics by Kerry Lynn Cassidy

Music by Neil Anthony Sanford featuring Dredd Marc and the band Spooky Distance

Thursday, November 27, 2014




FREE DOWNLOAD @ www.datpiff.com/profile/Teknee...

What's Your Poison? - Tekneek
Produced by Mr.G

Video by
tekneek word perfect

Permaculture Behind Greening the Desert with Geoff Lawton full 8:40min clip

 Permaculture Behind Greening the Desert  with Geoff Lawton

The solution to all the world's problems can be found in a garden. Please take the time to look into Permaculture. permaculture.org.au or you local group worldwide. With the looming Currency Collapse and Economic Super Storm, you will need to provide yourself and loved one's with food. Permaculture will show you how to achieve this.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What's in the TISA and why it’s a secret?

What's in the TISA  And why it’s a secret?

via Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

Sanya Reid Smith (Researcher and Legal Adviser, Third World Network, Genf) talks about the aftermath and consequences of the «Trade in Services Agreement» (TISA). Berlin, 18.9.2014
Audio: https://soundcloud.com/rosaluxstiftun...
Mehr: www.rosalux.de/documentation/5...
Dossier: www.rosalux.de/freihandel

Sunday, November 23, 2014

ILLUMINATI EXPOSED : The Video Alex Jones won t show or talk about!

 Illuminati Exposed - The Video Alex Jones won't show or talk about!

View at http://www.connectingdots1.com/forum/ By Jordan Maxwell - The Illuminati Exposed
Jordan Maxwell lectures at the Granada Forum in Los Angeles, California. It says "January 3rd, 2001" at the beginning but that can't be right because they talk about 9/11. They meant 2002.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tekneek & Wisdom - Star Codes (Prod. By Einzelgänger) [Music Video] : TI...

Tekneek & Wisdom - Star Codes  (Prod. By Einzelgänger) [Music Video] : TITAN TV

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is the Official Net Video from artist's Tekneek & Wisdom for their
track "Star Codes" prod. by Einzelgänger. Its one not to be missed.

Tekneek & Wisdom's "Lightcode Lockdown E.P" coming soon...

Artist Social Links:


TV: UK Unsigned Music is a new up & coming platform for unsigned
artists and talent in and around the UK. Our aim is to bring a variety
of entertainment to all our viewers and to interact with our supporters
to build a online community.Please join us on our social networks and
interact with us, Let us know what you would like to see on our channel.

Titan TV Intro Music By @infexis_music

Twitter: http://twitter.com/TitanTVUK
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/titantvukoffi...
Instagram: http://instagram.com/titantvuk
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/titantvuk


views and opinions expressed in these videos are those of the artist(s)
featured, and do not represent the views of Titan TV UK.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cort Lindahl | Axis Mundi, Architectural Alignments, & The Millennium Monuments


Researcher, Cort Lindahl, joins THC to discuss his work into mapping the alignments of man’s most famous and interesting structures. We cover the Georgia Guidestones, Balbek, Thomas Jefferson’s Popler Forest, The Dome Of The Rock, Coral Castle, and many, many other interesting sites with calculated connections to other monuments and structures.  We also speculate about the wide range of reasons the elite might put such an emphasis on what seems to be a fairly odd practice.

In the plus show we get into the International Peace Garden, the Geomancy of 9/11, Burning Man, Labyrinths, and a ton more. Enjoy.


Cort’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SurvivalCell

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Jim Carrey Jokes about Illuminati and Bohemian Grove on Jimmy Kimmel I ...

Jim Carrey Jokes about Illuminati and Bohemian Grove on Jimmy Kimmel "I'm blowing the lid off it"

Published on Nov 14, 2014

Jim Carrey Jokes about the Illuminati and Bohemian Grove on Jimmy Kimmel Show, saying he's blowing the lid off the secret society. *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Click "Like" "Favorite" and sound off in the comments. 


Mark Dice is a media analyst, author, and political activist who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture and the role the mainstream media and elite secret societies play in shaping our lives.
Mark's YouTube channel has received over 90 million views and his viral videos have been mentioned the Fox News Channel, CNN, the Drudge Report, TMZ, the New York Daily News, the Washington Times, and other media outlets around the world.

He has been featured on the History Channel's Decoded and America's Book of Secrets, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Secret Societies of Hollywood on E! Channel, America Declassified on the Travel Channel, and is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM, The Alex Jones Show, and more.
Mark Dice is the author of several popular books on secret societies and conspiracies, including The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction, Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True, The New World Order, Facts & Fiction, Inside the Illuminati, The Resistance Manifesto, and Illuminati in the Music Industry, which are all available in paperback on Amazon.com or e-book on Kindle, iBooks, Nook or Google Play.

While much of Mark's work confirms the existence and continued operation of the Illuminati today, he is also dedicated to debunking conspiracy theories and hoaxes and separating the facts from the fiction; hence the "Facts & Fiction" subtitle for several of his books. He has a bachelor's degree in communication from California State University.

He enjoys causing trouble for the New World Order, exposing corrupt scumbag politicians, and pointing out Big Brother's prying eyes. The term "fighting the New World Order" is used by Mark to describe some of his activities, and refers to his and others' resistance and opposition (The Resistance) to the overall system of political corruption, illegal wars, elite secret societies, mainstream media, Big Brother and privacy issues; as well as various economic and social issues. This Resistance involves self-improvement, self-sufficiency, personal responsibility and spiritual growth.

Be sure to subscribe to Mark's YouTube channel, checkout some of the previous videos and Playlists, and look him up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Friday, November 14, 2014

EXPOSED! SECRETS Of The ULTRA Rich! Alan Greenspan, CFR Council On Fore...

EXPOSED! SECRETS Of The ULTRA Rich! Alan Greenspan, CFR (Council On Foreign Relations) 

Video Published on Nov 14, 2014

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Help us caption & translate this video!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

These 5 Corporations Helped Carry Out the Holocaust | Brainwash Update

These 5 Corporations Helped Carry Out the Holocaust | Brainwash Update

Abby Martin highlights the top five companies that aided Nazi Germany

during the height of WWII, calling out companies such as Hugo Boss, IBM

and Ford.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


This is my 3rd interview with

Captain Mark Richards from the Secret Space Program. Mark Richards is in prison in Vacaville framed for a murder he did not commit. 

He has been in prison for 30 years and I am the only journalist to interview him up to this time.

Published on Nov 10, 20

These interviews are therefore my recall of

my 3-4 hour conversations with him. I am not allowed to use any

recording devices on site. The most I am allowed is a pencil. I am

accompanied by his wife, Jo Ann Richards who assists me by taking notes

during the interview.

To see a copy of our notes go to the

Project Camelot website. At the end of this interview I do a commentary

on the playing field and circumstances surrounding the interview.

Much of this information has never been released to the public.

Kerry Cassidy

Project Camelot


Monday, November 10, 2014

David Mathisen | Controlling Consciousness, Twisting Texts, & Hiding The...

David Mathisen | Controlling Consciousness, Twisting Texts, & Hiding The Secrets Of The Stars


"Author extraordinaire, David Mathisen drops in on THC to talk about the content of his book, The Undying Stars, where he discusses the true esoteric messages of ancient religious texts. He also lays out the
infiltration of the Holy Roman Empire
, and the aggressive campaign to
force a literal interpretation of these texts onto the resistant masses,
and with it, wipe out humanity’s natural ability to understand and
appreciate the esoteric and symbolic messages within and the shamanic cultures of old.
In the Plus show, David expands on his own
journey, the details of the infiltration of the Roman Empire,
shamanism, the holographic nature of the Universe, and The Lego Movie.
Check out David’s blog and get “The Undying Stars”: http://mathisencorollary.blogspot.com/
Closing track “Song For The Daimond": provided by Marty Leeds: http://www.reverbnation.com/martyleeds33
Submit your music to: PodcastMusicArchive@gmail.com to be featured on The Higherside Chats and other podcasts!
Get the full interview @ www.thehighersidechatsplus.com

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Belladonna & Mardock | Egalitarian Community Living

Belladonna & Mardock | Egalitarian Community Living 

"Two members of an egalitarian community called Acorn, an off-shoot of the well-known Twin Oaks Community. Belladonna and Mardock talk about all aspects of live in one of these communities, and the frustrations with our wasteful and corrupt society that make this an appealing alternative and one of the ways to extract yourself from the almighty machine."

The Acorn Community website: AcornCommunity.org

The Acorn Community seed business, Southern Exposure: SouthernExposure.com

Jim Marrs | Occulted History, Banking Corruption, & The Vast Conspiracy

Jim Marrs | Occulted History, Banking Corruption, & The Vast Conspiracy

This week alternative author and legendary truth seeker, Jim Marrs,
joins THC to drop knowledge on a variety of conspiratorial topics
including the history of banking, ISIS, Atlantis, The Anunnaki, the
moon, hollow Earth, the Pyramids
, and a ton more.

In the second
half, we dive deeper into the history of banking and Zionism, the
evidence for an ancient global civilization, UFOs & free energy, the
giant skeletons hidden by the Smithsonian, and some ideas for a system
that works for the people beyond the control of the global elite.

It’s a true grab bag of conspiracy goodness. Enjoy.

Check out Jim’s website and books: http://jimmarrs.com/

Check out more music from Don Paul Moore and download Mr. Morgan’s War: https://soundcloud.com/don-paul-moore

Get this one, and all of THC's 2 hour shows at: www.thehighersidechatsplus.com

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Robert Sullivan | Cinema Symbolism & The Esoteric Archetypes of Hollywood

Robert Sullivan | Cinema Symbolism & The Esoteric Archetypes of Hollywood

Returning champion and 32 degree mason himself, Robert W. Sullivan IV, joins THC to talk about his new book Cinema Symbolism where he dissects the esoteric, occult, and archetypal symbolism embedded in a whole host of films. We discuss Back To The Future, The Wizard Of Oz, Fight Club, Alice In Wonderland, James Bond, The Dark Knight, The Matrix, Star Wars, Black Swan and I’m sure a few others on this wild ride through Hollywood’s esoteric toolbox.

Get Cinema Symbolism and more of Rob’s work: http://robertwsullivaniv.com

Get the extended show at: www.thehighersidechatsplus.com

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Shadow Government: It s Identification and Analysis

Who is the government?

Is it the clowns in Congress or the puppet President?


elections suggest that something is lurking behind the scenes,

manipulating those who take the stage and pretend that they are the

government, but who is it, hiding in the dark places?

Is it one

person or a group of powerful people who influence those who vote to

pass bills that favor them, give them more control and take more and

more from the people?

We have many names for this group, but I'm not
aware of any list of agencies, companies, organizations or institutions
which has been assembled. Dr. Richard Boylan has assembled such a list
and I bring it to you, in my own style. I read the article, adding my
opinions, experience, ideas and sometimes, my own conclusions about
what's right and what's wrong!
These people are pure evil. They have

no laws or rules to follow. They do whatever they want and some of the

things they do are really terrible; So terrible that they make Adolf

Hitler look kind and benevolent! The worst thing about this

'government' is that things are much more likely to get worse, than

better! This is why we have to inform others of their existence, their

plans, their organizations, their weapons, their science and their total

lack of respect for decency, the rule of law and life!

Here are some links to learn more about the author:

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Edgar Mitchell, Simon Parkes, Alfred Webre, JD, Tolec - Impact of Open ...

The GeoSocial, Societal,  Economic, Political & Spiritual of Open ET Contact


Edgar Mitchell, Simon Parkes, Alfred Webre, JD, Tolec


Published on Oct 5, 2014

Max Igan - Veritas Radio - Disconnecting from the Matrix and Reconnectin...

Disconnecting from the Matrix and Reconnecting with Consciousness

S y n o p s i s:

Max Igan is back to discuss his latest
journey throughout Europe where he planned to be mostly an observer and
gauge where people stood as it relates to our current paradigm. We also
took a geopolitical journey around the world and discussed the creation
of ISIS/ISIL, Ebola, Syria, Ukraine, and who could is pulling the
strings and why. In order for people to become change agents, we need to
remove the notion that we don't have the power to effect change. Change
usually happens with one person's idea. People need to experience truth
for themselves. Sharing the truth with them is not enough. We can show
them the door; but it is up to them to open it and go through it. Most
importantly, it is up to the individual to disconnect from the matrix
and reconnect with consciousness. Every human is born with unlimited

This portion is being provided as a courtesy from Veritas Radio. To listen to more of this exclusive interview proceed to www.veritasradio.com