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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Shadow Government: It s Identification and Analysis

Who is the government?

Is it the clowns in Congress or the puppet President?


elections suggest that something is lurking behind the scenes,

manipulating those who take the stage and pretend that they are the

government, but who is it, hiding in the dark places?

Is it one

person or a group of powerful people who influence those who vote to

pass bills that favor them, give them more control and take more and

more from the people?

We have many names for this group, but I'm not
aware of any list of agencies, companies, organizations or institutions
which has been assembled. Dr. Richard Boylan has assembled such a list
and I bring it to you, in my own style. I read the article, adding my
opinions, experience, ideas and sometimes, my own conclusions about
what's right and what's wrong!
These people are pure evil. They have

no laws or rules to follow. They do whatever they want and some of the

things they do are really terrible; So terrible that they make Adolf

Hitler look kind and benevolent! The worst thing about this

'government' is that things are much more likely to get worse, than

better! This is why we have to inform others of their existence, their

plans, their organizations, their weapons, their science and their total

lack of respect for decency, the rule of law and life!

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