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Monday, July 28, 2014



We will be discussing: Michael's background, his extensive knowledge
regarding the Shakespeare authorship issue
(he is cited in
"acknowledgements" page of several books). He has authored and
performed award-winning presentation on the authorship controversy,
"Sherlock Holmes and The Shakespeare Mystery."

The Global
Collateral Accounts, and the Neil Keenan Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit story,
(he spent two months on the ground in Indonesia working with Keenan in
early 2013). He wrote and produced "The Changing of the Guard" - a
video expose of the banking cabal's century-long abuse of the Global
Collateral Accounts
(featured in David Wilcock's "Financial Tyranny"

Michael Henry Dunn
is a human rights advocate, scholar, author,
musician, and a globally recognized commentator on issues of human
rights. His advocacy for the movement to support national sovereignty
embodied in the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and BRICS alliance led to his
current position as Senior Editor for The Alliance Journal, a
university educational institution which serves as an academic journal,
digest, news source, and debate forum, to facilitate the realization of a
more free, peaceful and abundant world for all of humanity.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Russian scientists raising funds to rebuild Tesla Tower, satisfy world energy hunger

Russian scientists raising funds to rebuild Tesla Tower, satisfy world energy hunger

Two Russian physicists are fundraising to realize
their project for wireless energy transmission once proposed by
brilliant 20th-century scientist Nikola Tesla. Solar panels and an
upgraded Tesla Tower could solve global energy hunger, they say.

Leonid and Sergey Plekhanov, graduates of the Moscow Institute of
Physics and Technology, claim they have spent years scrutinizing the
Nikola Tesla’s patents and diaries and they believe that with his most
ambitious project – transcontinental wireless energy transmissions –
Tesla came very close to unprecedented scientific discovery that could
be brought to fruition. 

The enthusiasts say they need about $800,000 to
reconstruct the famous Wardenclyffe Tower once created by Tesla himself
to implement his ideas and find a commercial application for his ideas
on long-distance wireless energy transmission.

The Plekhanov brothers are raising money through IndieGogo kickstarter.
The campaign will last until July 25. So far the project has managed to
collect only 2 percent of the desired sum (about $18,000 out of the
desired $800,000 as we publish this article).

According to the authors of the project, as of today all human
civilization’s electric energy needs could be covered with a single
installation of solar panel measured approximately 316 by 316 kilometers
(100,000 square kilometers altogether) positioned in a desert somewhere
near the equator.

They believe the only stumbling block to such a project is the delivery
of electric energy to final consumers, as the loss of energy directly
depends on the distance of transmission.

Read the full article at: rt.com

Friday, July 4, 2014

Mr. Gates | Illuminati Symbolism, Jay-Z, Tupac, & The Hip Hop Conspiracy

Mr. Gates | Illuminati Symbolism, Jay-Z, Tupac, & The Hip Hop Conspiracy 

 Ever wonder exactly what just happened to entertainers like, Tupac,
Biggie, Katt Williams, or Michael Jackson? What about leaders of the
black community and truth itself like Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcom
The conspiracy world is full of theories about the Illuminati's roll
in Hollywood and Entertainment and why their symbolism, ancient as it
is, appears so often in modern corporate media.

Entertainer,comedian, and social commentator, Mr. Gates joins THC to talk his work
on the "Jupiturn" series which traces the Elite's symbolism back to the
beginning of conventional history, and walks us right up to modern day
by siting several examples of their hidden messages in popular hip hop
music videos. Mr. Gates then talks about why this symbolism is so
prevalent in hip hop music compared to other genres, how the Hip Hop
industry has been twisted and manipulated, and explains the fates of
those entertainers that just don't want to toe the line.

Mr. Gates Website: www.haterazzi.com