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Sunday, June 15, 2014




This is a very important interview involving the healing properties
of a special kind of water created by a black project scientist who was
working to cure his wife. He succeeded and since then, via word of mouth
the story spread.

Since then, he teamed up with Jef Harvey another scientist and
alternative health practitioner who was told he had only a few days to
live. After using this water he recovered from life threatening, kidney
and liver damage and is now dedicated to making this water available to
the world

LIVE ON CAMELOT LIVESTREAM (due to problems with sound quality we have re-recorded the audio interview).  SEE ABOVE FOR MP3

Jef Harvey Background  (Jef is spelled with one "F")...

Jef spent six years in the
United States Navy and was inducted into a watcher group that
infiltrated many of the Jesuit/Knight of Malta controlled military
organizations. He was assigned to EC Division, an electronics unit and
worked in the Intelligence Center on board the now decommissioned
aircraft carrier CV-67.

Today Jef is board
certified in nutrition and specializes in homotoxicology for creating
detoxification protocols utilizing advanced nutriture, homeopathics, and
system specific plant-based endocrine adaptogens delivered by
traditional means as well as information field codes delivered through
scalar and holographic methods. Jef provides the scalar systems used for
coding holograms to various practitioners and companies entering the
field of holographic information delivery..

Current Research currently
employing H302 hydration catalyst for chronic disease state remediation.
focuses on information field modulation of matter, clinical research
involving patterned frequency engram modulation of the Central Nervous
System pain neuromatrix and activating dormant areas of the brain mind
matrix, .

Secret Guest Info:  "Dr. Chuck Tu"


More than
15 years of work experience as employee of “Fortune 200” size
corporations and more than 35 years as an entrepreneur founder with
three start-up companies to his credit. Took a startup company with $5
million initial investment to NASDAQ with a peak market cap of over $120
million. Consulted to major Fortune 50 companies on technology and
strategic planning. He holds 24 U.S. patents, and at least 24 U.S.
patents are in application stages. Has licensed some of his patents to
major corporations for high definition displays and 3D. Has done design
work for the Disney Corporation. Built and invented a laser video
projector in use by US government and other entities. Built a computer
disk that is 1 million times faster than the ones in use today. Worked
on and help design fighter cockpit displays. Helped on displays for


recipient of a National Science Foundation grant (16) when he received
it. He had to get permission to receive the grant as he was not of legal
age, and also had to be driven to and from the University and NSF site
because he was not old enough to drive. Started as a rocket scientist
for a major contractor to US government at the age of 16 in theoretical
mathematics and space flight mechanics and propulsion systems while
attending high school. Was a manager for aeronautics contractor by the
age of 21. Attended university also during high school at age of 16. Was
the youngest in his class and graduated at age of 17 from a private


Award of Merit for Technology for the Olympic Games.

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